Departments of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics has young & energetic faculty, which is already, involved in various research projects. Department of Pediatrics has neonatal I.C.U. which is graded to referral level N.I.C.U. grade IV and also a PICU. Research work involves antibiotic resistance studies in hospital and communities, antibiotic stewardship, enzymatic, abnormalities in the pediatric age groups. Studies in growth and development of children in Malwa region. Department is also running Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre (NRC), PICU.

FACILITIES AVAILABLE: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Incubators, Warmers, Phototherapy ventilators, CPAP machine infusion pump, etc. Exchange transfusion facilities, PICU.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Neonatology, Neurology, Cardiology & Tropical Diseases.

SPECIALITY CLINICS: Well Baby Clinic, Malnutrition, Liver & Gut, Epilepsy, Neurology, Cardio Vascular, Hematology, Thalassmia, Nephrology, Asthma (Respiratory), Adolescent.

SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. Mamta Dhaneria
2 Professor Dr. Sunil Rathi
3 Professor Dr. Ashish Pathak
4 Professor Dr. J.C.Mandliya
5  Assoc.Prof. Dr. Neeraj Gupta
6 Asst. Prof. Dr. Jafar Khan
7 Asst. Prof. Dr. Ravi Rathore
8 Asst. Prof. Dr. Deepti Verma
9 Asst. Prof. Dr.Shreya Shrivastava
10 Asst. Prof. Dr. Vivek Sirolia
11 Asst. Prof. Dr. Sunil Kasundria
12 Asst. Prof. Dr. Akanksha Muvel
13 Asst. Prof. Dr. Akriti Gupta
14 Sr. Resident Dr. Prashant Acharya
15 Sr. Resident Dr. Deepali Pathak
16 Sr. Resident Dr. Anurag Jain
17 Sr. Resident Dr. Rahul Gupta
18 Sr. Resident Dr. Jean Prateesh
19 Jr. Resident Dr.Peeyush Suryawanshi
20 Jr. Resident Dr.Suresh Kumar Prajapati
21 Jr. Resident Dr.Ritika Jain
22 Jr. Resident Dr.Siddharth Agrawal
23 Jr. Resident Dr. Atal Choudhary
24 Jr. Resident Dr.Ishita Lahariya
25 Jr. Resident Dr.Anjali Bansal
26 Jr. Resident Dr.Arushi Gupta

Faculty Attendance November 2022 Pediatrics

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