Department of Radio Diagnosis

TThe department has highly experienced faculty. They have been instrumental in developing the department of Radiology earlier and Radio diagnosis later in different Medical Colleges. Department has all latest equipment such as X-Ray units, 128 Slice, C.T.Scanner, 1.5 Tesla M.R.I., Colour Dopplers, X-ray with IITV, Cath lab, OPG etc.


FACILITIES AVAILABLE: 300 MA X-Ray Machines, 500 mA X-ray Machine with IITV, 800 mA X-Ray Machine. Ultrasonography Machines, 1.5 Tesla MRI, 128 Slices, C.T. Scanner, Color Dopplers, Mammography, Cath lab, OPG.

SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. U.V.Kakde
2 Professor Dr. Rajesh Mehta
3 Assoc. Prof Dr. Prateek Gehlot
4  Assoc. Prof Dr. Ritema Mangal
5 Asst.Prof. Dr. Anil S. Karnik
6 Asst.Prof. Dr. Parth Sharma
7 Asst.Prof. Dr. Sohan K. Yadav
8 Asst.Prof. Dr. Tanvi Ghate
9 Asst.Prof. Dr. Neeraj Sharma
10 Sr. Resident Dr. R.S. Khanuja
11 Sr. Resident Dr. S. Shivram
12 Sr. Resident Dr. Poorvi Sharma
13 Sr. Resident Dr. Prateek Parmar
14 Sr. Resident Dr. Sandeep Panwar
15 Sr. Resident Dr. Gulamus Asad Ali
16 Tutor Dr.Arushi Kaushal
17 Tutor Dr.Tanuj Jain
18 Tutor Dr.Kapil Kamdar
19 Tutor Dr.Unush Khan
20 Tutor Dr.Jitendra Singh Sisodiya
21 Tutor Dr.Aditi Chauhan
22 Tutor Dr.Divya Murty
23 Tutor Dr.Kratika Singh
24 Tutor Dr. Kamlesh Kothwani
25 Tutor Dr. Etta Jain
26 Tutor Dr.Pappu Kumar Jaiswal
27 Tutor Dr. Priyanka Upadhyay
28 Tutor Dr. Priyanshi Jain
29 Tutor Dr. Ankit Mukati
30 Tutor Dr.Chetan Sisodia

Faculty Attendance November 2022 Radiodiagnosis

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