Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology has facility for advanced research in the field of clinical and investigative Pharmacology. Department is planning to associate itself with developing state of Art Bio availability and Drug analysis laboratory in near future. The Department is associated with Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs and National Phamacovigilance Programme. Department regularly conducts under graduate & Post graduate teaching and seminars. The department of pharmacology is also enrolled in   pharmacovigilance   Programme of   India and has its individual center   for ADR reporting. The drugs information center has been   allocated   to the department, which looks after the information, related to drugs and toxic poisons.

FACILITIES AVILABLE: Pharmacovigilance center and ADR reporting; Drug and Poison information center, Drugs Museum  -  Drug samples, chart ,Specimens , Models ; History  of Medicine; Departmental Library  cum Seminar Room with internet – Online journals, recent books editions; Clinical pharmacology laboratory – Bicycle ergometer, Analgesiometer, Reaction Test apparatus, Hand Steadiness tester, Hand, dynamometer; Research Laboratory: Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Calorimeter, Experimental   pharmacology laboratory, rod apparatus, Organ baths; Pharmacy  laboratory equipped  with  IV Drip Sets and dose calculating methods, Animal   House, Computer assisted learning of Animal Experiments, Demonstration Rooms with Audio-Visual Aids; Teaching Staff Rooms

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Clinical evaluation of indigenous drugs and pharmaco-epidemiology, adverse drug events. Facilities available for clinical evaluation of Psychotropic drugs, Analgesics, Cardiovascular drugs, Diuretics, Anti histaminics and drugs affecting size of pupils and accommodation.Prescription Audit, Antibiotic resistance and hand hygiene.

SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. S. P. Dhaneria
2 Professor Dr. Arpanapriya Dhairyasheel
3 Professor Dr. Ruchi Baghel
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Megha Sharma
5 Demonstrator Dr. Abhiraj Rajawat
6 Demonstrator Dr. Avani Shakalya
7 Demonstrator Dr. Madhav Saxena
8 Demonstrator Dr. Neer Arora
9 Demonstrator Dr. Harshita Sharma
10 Demonstrator Dr. Avinash Patel
11 Demonstrator Dr. Himanshu Saiyyam