Department Of Otorhinolaryngology

The department has large experienced faculty. Special facilities provided are Pure Tone Audiometry /BERA etc.  Special work is done in endoscopic sinus surgery and micro ear surgery. Department also has Fibroptic laryngoscope and bronchoscope. Counseling for dumb & deaf children through special clinic is also available.

FACILITIES AVAILABLE: ENT Microscopic Surgery with CCTV, NASAL Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, BERA, OAE, ENG, Cochlear Implant, Head & Neck Surgery.   

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Tuberculosis in ENT, Cholesteoma, Head& Neck Cancer

SPECIALITY CLINICS: Otology, Tumour, Rhinology, Vertigo.

SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. S.Vaidya
2 Professor Dr. Puneet Bhargava
3 Professor Dr. Anjana Agrawal
4 Professor Dr. Sumeer Verma
5 Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohit Samadhiya
6 JR-IV Dr.Rishi Raj Gupta
7 Jr. Resident Dr. Akash NR Nama
8 Jr. Resident Dr.Arushi Maheshwari
9 Jr. Resident Dr.Purvi Raghuvanshi
10 Jr.Resident Dr.Manoj Gupta
11 Jr.Resident Dr.Khushboo Yadav
12 Jr.Resident
Dr.Pratibha Mangalwaniya
13 Jr.Resident
Dr.Parag Bhayal
14 Jr. Resident
Dr.Anamika Tripathi
15 Jr. Resident
Dr.Vartika Paliwal
16 Jr. Resident
Dr.Shukla Anuja Bharatkumar