Department of Dermatology


Department of Dermatology, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Leprosy was commenced in the year 2001. We for the first time in Madhya Pradesh got permission to start post-graduation in dermatology in 2009.Since then we have travelled miles to reach the pinnacle. Six batches of MD students have passed out with flying colors and they are making their name in the field of dermatology in different states.

FACILITIES AVAILABLE: Skin Biopsy, Electro-Surgical Procedure,  Acne Surgeries,   Cryo-Surgical Procedures, Chemical Peeling, Skin Grafting Procedures, Intra Lesional Injections, Keloid Treatment, Nail Surgeries, NBUVB/PUVA Therapy,  Laser Procedures (Hair & Pigment Removal),  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Technique with Dermarollers, Other Cosmetic Surgical Procedures.

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Study of efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma in androgenic alopecia, Study of clinico-investigative profile of Hirsutism, Study of Hormonal Profile of Female Melasma Patients, Study of Direct Immuno fluorescence in Vesicobullous And Connective Tissue Disorders, Study of Cardiovascular risk factors in patients of Lichen Planus, Study of Clinico-Radiological correlation of Ulnar nerve examination in Leprosy patients.

SPECIALITY CLINICS: ACE & Pigmentation, STD & Vesiculobullous disease, Contact Dermatitis, Phototherapy & Psoriasis, Leprosy & Autoimmune diseases.



Professor & HOD

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar


Professor Dr. Meetesh Agrawal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Shashank Bhargav


Assistant Professor

Dr. Aishwarya Mahadik

5 Senior Resident Dr. Manu Kataria
6 Senior Resident Dr. Noreen Munshi
7 Junior Resident Dr. Somya Agrawal
8 Junior Resident Dr. Yashdeep Jat
9 Junior Resident Dr. Ritika Gujrati
10 Junior Resident Dr. Shaily Gupta
11 Junior Resident Dr. Narayan Atoliya
12 Junior Resident Dr. Dhruv Mishra
13 Junior Resident Dr. Vishal Agrawal
14 Junior Resident Dr. Mahima Sharma
15 Junior Resident Dr. Neha Pathak
16 Junior Resident Dr. Sanjay Singh
17 Junior Resident Dr. Parakram Singh Khaktawat
18 Junior Resident Dr. Neha Pathak
19 Junior Resident Dr. Sanjay Singh
20 Junior Resident Dr. Mahima Sharma