Department of Biochemistry

The Clinical Biochemistry department since its establishment in 2001 has evolved slowly but steadily. We have the state of art dry chemistry auto analyser, Vitros – 250 and ECI. The Biorad – D10 another feather in the cap to analyse glycated hemoglobin. The OPTI CCA blood gas analyser based on optical fluorescence and reflectance spectrophotometry is the best available technology.

We are proud today to run an (EQAS) external quality control program of Biorad apart from the daily (IQAS) internal quality control program of Johnson & Johnson and only dry chemistry analyser in Ujjain till date.

RESEARCH INTEREST: Department contributes in form of analytical work in various research projects of the department and other departments. Staff members have more than 10 research publications in national and international Journals in last 3 years 



SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. G.G.Potey
2 Assoc. Prof. Dr.Anurag Kesarwani
3 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Prashant Nichat
4 Asst. Prof. Dr. Nikhil Rajak
5 Demonstrator Dr. Meet Trivedi
6 Demonstrator Dr. Saloni Rathi
7 Demonstrator Dr. Fahad Ahmed
8 Demonstrator Dr. Amardeep Malviya
9 Demonstrator Dr. Hiren Rupareliya
10 Demonstrator Dr. Harshit Jain
11 Demonstrator Dr. Vishal Choudhary
12 Demonstrator Dr. Meenakshi Tripathi

Faculty Attendance November 2022 Biochemistry

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