Department of Anesthesiology & Resuscitation

Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation has staff having professional work experience of about 25 years in handling problems of General anesthesiology and its subspecialty: Oncosurgery, Pediatric surgery, Neurosurgery having rich academic experience. Two research projects are at hand entitled. "A study of Microbial flora of operating rooms-Their thermal and chemical sensitivity and "Performance qualifications of Pulse oximetre under variable circulatory conditions. Department runs ten operation theatres & pain clinic.

SN Designation  Faculty Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. Deepak Joshi
2 Professor Dr. Meera Sharma
3 Assoc. Prof Dr. Neeta Jain
4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ritesh Dixit
5 Assoc. Prof. Dr. A.K.Babar
6 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harsh Kasliwal
7 Asst. Prof. Dr. Hemant Athawale
8 Asst.Prof. Dr. Sunita Alawa
9 Asst.Prof. Dr. Ashwani Bagade
10 Asst.Prof. Dr.Sujeet Kumar Nigam
11 Asst.Prof. Dr. Manisha Bagdi
12 Asst.Prof. Dr. Neelam Chandna
13 Sr. Resident Dr. Shruti V. Jain
14 Sr. Resident Dr. Hari Babu Katariya
15 Sr. Resident Dr. M.K. Jain
16 Sr. Resident Dr. Anupria Tiwari
17 Sr. Resident Dr. Kaustabh Tripathi
18 Sr. Resident Dr. Anand Yadav
19 Jr. Resident Dr. Shama Afroz
20 Jr. Resident Dr.Kratika Choubey
21 Jr. Resident Dr.Shrishti Nema
22 Jr. Resident Dr.Anushree Shukla
23 Jr. Resident Dr.Devesh Mishra
24 Jr. Resident Dr.Pramod Kumar Raikwar
25 Jr. Resident Dr.Arushi Dua
26 Jr. Resident Dr.Meenal Sharma Bhatt
27 Jr. Resident Dr.Nitesh Gour
28 Jr. Resident Dr.Purvi Jain
29 Jr. Resident Dr. Apurv Khandelwal
30 Jr. Resident Dr. Akshita Mohan
31 Jr. Resident Dr.Pragyashri Baghel
32 Jr. Resident Dr.Aashee Sethi
33 Jr. Resident Dr.Srishti Dhanawat
34 Jr. Resident Dr.Poonam Saraf
35 Jr. Resident Dr.Badal
36 Jr. Resident Dr.Akanksha Shahwal
37 Jr. Resident Dr.Vaishali Ghanghoria

Faculty Attendance November 2022 Anaesthesiology & Resuscitation

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