Department of Surgery

It has a large and very dedicated faculty. The members of the department are highly qualified and experienced surgeons. Department of Surgery of RDGMC is known for the facilities available compared to any best hospital in India. Urosurgery, Pediatric Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Lithotripsy, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery are routinely carried out. Department has well equipped operation theatres with Laminar Air flow system, filters, clean Airflow system and one modular operation theatre. Every year about 3000 surgeries are carried out. Various minimal access surgeries are carried out by laparoscope, cysto resectoscope.

FACILITIES AVAILABLE: Video G-I Endoscope, Video Colonoscope, Cystoscope (Adult & Paediatrics) TURP. Video Laparoscope, Lithotripsy (Extra & Intra Corporeal).

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Lower Urinary tract obstruction, Pediatric Surgery, Surgical infections, Colo-rectal Surgery, Koch’s Abdomen & Urolithiasis.

SPECIALITY CLINICS: Plastic Surgery, Urosurgery, Gastro Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Neurosurgery, Surgical oncology, cardiothoracic surgery

S.No. Designation Name
1 Professor & HOD Dr. P.R.Bayes
2 Professor Dr. U.K.Jejurikar
3 Professor Dr. Y.Gautam
4 Professor Dr. Shailendra Sharma
5 Professor Dr. G. Banerjee
6 Professor Dr. S.P.Mukhiya
7 Professor Dr. Vishal Dubey
8 Professor Dr. S.K. Dhakaita
9 Associate Professor Dr. (Mrs.) R. Mukhiya
10 Associate Professor Dr. P. Jain
11 Assistant Professor Dr. R Dangarh
12 Assistant Professor Dr. Y Sindhe
13 Assistant Professor Dr. P. Sheikh
14 Assistant Professor Dr. Abhishek Jain
15 Senior Resident Dr. A. Jain
16 Senior Resident Dr. H S Bagga
17 Senior Resident Dr. P. Dafaria
18 Senior Resident Dr.Alok Kumar
19 Senior Resident Dr.Himanshu Choyal
20 Senior Resident Dr.Anurag Shrivastav
21 Senior Resident Dr. Jatin Kumar
22 Senior Resident Dr. Kaustubh Gupta
23 Senior Resident Dr. R Rampaliwar
24 Senior Resident Dr. Karan Vats
25 Senior Resident Dr. Alok Dixit
26 Junior Resident Dr. Faisal Alam
27 Junior Resident Dr. Nikhil
28 Junior Resident Dr.Madhav Tiwari
29 Junior Resident Dr.Sunny Jain
30 Junior Resident Dr.Swapnil Wadhwa
31 Junior Resident Dr.Shrenuj Mansukhlal Marvaniya
32 Junior Resident Dr.Anuj Kumar
33 Junior Resident Dr.Deepesh Agrawal
34 Junior Resident Dr.Vikas Warwade
35 Junior Resident Dr.Chetan Sharma
36 Junior Resident Dr.Abhishek Verma
37 Junior Resident Dr. Rajat Dixit
38 Junior Resident Dr. Vaishali Jain
39 Junior Resident Dr. Ankit Choyal
40 Junior Resident Dr. Sukhen Sudarshan Doshi
41 Junior Resident Dr. Ranjana Patware
42 Junior Resident Dr. Deepanshu Sahu
43 Junior Resident Dr. Harsh Sahu
44 Junior Resident Dr. Prashant Patidar
45 Junior Resident Dr. Farheen Rehana
46 Junior Resident Dr. Richa Shukla
47 Junior Resident Dr. Ujjwal Bhardwaj
48 Junior Resident Dr. Harshita Pathak
49 Junior Resident Dr. Govind Kushwah
50 Junior Resident Dr. Shrinarayan
51 Junior Resident Dr. Srishti Baurasi
52 Junior Resident Dr. Kush Agrawal
53 Junior Resident Dr. Upendra Kumar Pandey
54 Junior Resident Dr. Mudit Pathak

Faculty Attendance June 2018 Surgery

Faculty IMR - Surgery